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From Hip-Hop to Rap Music, We Produce It All

At Carolina Everything, we don't limit ourselves to one style of music. We branch out, embracing all different genres, including rap music, R&B, and promoting hip-hop artists. We offer quality music production and promotion services for all genres.

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Tcap's Bio

Born in laurinburg Nc, Tcap aka The Captain better known for quote (Salute me or Shoot) from his song (Salute) off his debut album (The Quota/ Salute it's the captain) released on reverb nation in 2010. Tcap first started writing songs after hearing shook ones by Mob deep. It wasn't until 1998, when tcap's older brother Tony took him and some other friends to record at the recording studio ran by ex bass player for george clinton and the parliment by the name of (Tab). It wasn't until 2004 when Tcap's older cousin Nate aka (deuce spade) came to laurinburg to move Tcap to atlanta with him to record. They started in a home studio with horror core artist (Dank) and Ninja records. and ended up recording from visions (60 room) studio, solar sound studio, and Drs Atl aka (dammahum recording studio) just to name a few. Nate focused more on the drawing side, while Tcap ended up performing everywhere from his home state NC, Sc, alabama, and of course atlanta. Tcap performed at vinyl center stage, the masquerade, club crucial, to cafe 290 just to name a few. it wasn't until Tcap went on tour with the Cx1djs that he got a real foot in the music industry. the ceo Dj butterrock made Tcap the president of his Dj coalition. Now Tcap is even busier running his company carolina everything started by him and his older brother (tony) where they do everything from run their newly built studio in high point NC, sale their apparel online and in store, and also manage cx1dj artist (punkinfoot) along with the first official artist and air to the throne (Lt up to speed) aka Little Tony. the son of tony and nephew of Tcap. needless to say he,s the new wave. Even though Tcap wears many hats, he stay true to his first love and that's music. The Captain Rap The Captain of this and that. leading his crew to sure and mountains of treasure.

Rap Music - Piracy Mix Tape

This mix tape is all about living life how you want to live it. It's about being the captain of your own ship and taking what you need when you need it. The purpose is to inspire you to venture into open water in uncharted territory. This tape features artists Lil Tony, Punkinfoot, and The Public's Eye.

Pop Music

Our success is due to the fact that we don't just focus on one style of music. We are able to cross over and support artists from all genres, including pop. If you want to make a living doing what you love, you have to make popular music that will reach a wider audience. That's what we do.

R&B Music

We produce various music that includes collaborations with R&B artists. The song, "So Fly" from T-Cap's The Quota/Salute It's the Captain is an R&B song mixed with rap. It is about the mutual respect between a man and a woman. It focuses on the genuine physical attraction between genders and showcases our ability to produce successful R&B music.

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Punkinfoot The Panty Girl I Wanna Pop (Dirtyj)

Punkinfoot Flyer

Punkinfoot has been rapping and modeling since 2006, She has been doing shows underground with her manager and DJ since 2008 state to state building a fan base. She has dropped over 100 mixtapes, and has three albums out currently. The first album called The Panty Girl Vol 1, the second called Punkinfoot The Chocolate Princess and the latest called Punkinfoot The Panty Girl Most Slept On Vol 1. She also has her latest single out called Exotic produced by DopeAzzMuzik. Each doing very well for an independent artist. and and She has also done features, collaborations and remixes with major artists such as Gucci Mane, Hell Rell, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, BizMarkie to name a few and with underground rappers such as All Biz of Microphone Bully, Cyphlo, Willz from Living Better Now Ent, Millz from Long Island NY, Choo Choo The Dirty Mack from Milwaukee, Brasco The Carolina Pimp, Jatti from Columbia and DJ Butter Rock. Punkinfoot has performed at the Cx1DJs 2015 Music Conference, Fleet DJs 2012 Conference, Nerve DJs 10 year anniversary conference, Hotblock Magazine Awards Show, Who Owns the Mic Tour in Mississippi, Platinum Indie Tour in Atlanta, Def Jam Finest Mixtape Release Party, Cx1Djs Toy Drive with Epic Records Lil Donald, Tampamystic Industry Most Wanted, Mamas Management Album Launch Party, Cx1DJs Magazine Launch Party, and will be performing at the Cx1DJs 2016 Music Conference in Atlanta, Alabama & New York and more to come. She stays on her grind. To show support for Punkinfoot you can purchase her albums on CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon and more. You can catch Punkinfoot on her Most Slept on Promo Tour coming to Atlanta Ga, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York. For more info on Punkinfoot visit her or and her website For bookings, features and more contact Cx1DJs Coalition LLC at 404-552-8731 or send an email to

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