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Producing Live Entertainment

Carolina Everything is dedicated to providing new artists in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area an opportunity to shine with our music promotion and production services. We also offer live entertainment, booking our artists at music shows, clubs, and other venues. Our music production features all types of music.

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Artist Development

We can help you build your career as an artist regardless of what stage you are at in your professional development. Through a consultation, we provide feedback on all of your material and assist you in determining the best path to take to further your career. We consider all artists who contact us, determining whether to put them on our label's roster and offer a record deal.

Live Entertainment

The DJ we work with is available for shows at any venue. We also offer performers for events, including hip-hop and rap entertainers. You will get the most authentic experience possible. We pride ourselves on being professional and humble, providing you with an amazing show that will pump up your party.

DJ Equipment

T-Cap.ENT T-Shirt

Our clothing line features a T-Cap shirt with a logo of a pirate's head with two microphones behind it. There is also a map of North Carolina behind his head with the words "T-Cap.ENT" in it. It is available in children's sizes, including small, medium, and large, well as adult sizes in small, medium, large, and 2XL. You can purchase either a black shirt with a white background or a white t-shirt with a black background online.

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